Giles Gilson 1942 - 2015

"I do my work, not because I “like” doing it, but because there is something within me that keeps bringing me back to the work. I have always been fascinated by “technique”, or “how to”, but whenever I look deeper, I find that there is a strong drive for emotional expression.
Through the work, I seem to be exploring myself - who or what I am. Often the work deals with personal experience, or people that I have encountered. There are times that I must face myself as par o the work process. This is not always easy. This kind of expression involves risk, which is necessary to the learning process."

Giles protests against the restrictions of the medium. “Does it have to be turned?” he asks. “Does it have to be wood?” A leader of the field’s avant-garde artists, Gilson has been responsible for introducing paint and mixed-media approaches to the turned wood form, and creating segmented wood forms as early as the mid-70s. Never satisfied to repeat himself, the artist pushes ahead relentlessly, shocking purist enthusiasts and remaining at the forefront of the field. “I really believe that the work is the person and the person is the work; that they are one and the same,”
Gilson explains. “An artist;s work represents that person and the circumstances that were in existence at the time the piece was created.”